Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

KANOMAN for JANEFO #1, an exhibition by Langgeng Art Foundation

Introducing KANOMAN, our avatar generator project. It will be officially operating at the opening of JANEFO #1, an exhibition by Langgeng Art Foundation, curated by Enin Supriyanto.

Aaight, see you guys at LAF, Suryodininingratan 37 YK on Jan 31st, 2012. 7.30 PM sharp.

hell yeah!!!

Jogja New Emerging Forces: The First Batch

JANEFO is a series of our biannual exhibition. It is an acronym for Jogja New Emerging Forces, and also wordplay from GANEFO (The Games of the New Emerging Forces), which was founded by Ir. Sukarno, Indonesia’s first president who happened to be an art lover. Basically, JANEFO is group show of young artists presenting new challenging ideas. For the first batch of this platform, we invited six participants (both individuals and groups) based on their particular practice upon a specific practice/medium; sound and music, video, graphic design, toys and games, public art and online activism.

They are: Andrew Lumban Gaol (b. 1986, street artist, the founder and only member of Anti-Tank Project); Ishari Sahida ‘Ari Wulu’ (b. 1979, musician, founder of one of the earliest electronic music community in Yogyakarta, Soundboutiqe, and also the inherited of Yogyakarta Gamelan Music Festival which was founded by his father Sapto Rahardjo); Harwan ‘Achong’ Panuju (b. 1976, videomaker, one of the leading members of X-Code, a video community and production house); Indieguerillas (formed in 1999, consists of Santi Ariestyowanti, b. 1977, and Miko ‘Otom’ Bawono, b. 1975, visual artist duo that is known for their urban design approach throughout their contemporary works); TheDeoMixBlood (formed in 2009, consists of R. Bonar Diat S. P. ‘Otong’, b. 1980, and Fahla F. Lotan ‘Dilla’, b. 1990, visual artist duo making robotic characters); Pamityang2an (formed in 2010, consists of more than 15 active members with different professions, launched themselves for the first time as a QWERTY radio that broadcasts through Twitter ID @pamityang2an and can be heard from all mobile devices and gadgets connected to the Internet).

Each and every one of the abovementioned artists is challenged to initiate a new project with one starting point: A closer look into the development of media and information technology in relation to bodily experience and it’s use in our society. After series of intensive discussions, be it in a forum of all the participants or separately between the artists and us, one issue came up vaguely: Sharing.

Andrew Lumban Gaol ‘Anti-Tank Project’
Harwan ‘Achong’ Panuju
Ishari ‘Wulu’ Sahida

Tuesday, 31 Januari 2012, 19:30 PM

31 Januari 2012 – 14 Maret 2012
Open Daily : 11:00 AM – 19:00 PM

Selasa, 26 April 2011


After many exploration and produce lots of work made by various media whether it is 2 or 3 dimension, on 2011 they're finally created a resin based toy figure named "TV EYE". On it first appeareance, Indieguerillas invite 26 artist from selected city in Indonesia to collaborate on event "TV EYE LAUNCHING EXHIBITION AND CUSTOM SHOW" titled "Happy Shocks, Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks" that will be held on Lou Belle Shop - Bandung on 7 - 14 Mei 2011.

Collaboration with 26 Artist :

The Yellow Dino (BDG)
Marine R. aka JOUWE (BDG)
Tell Them (BDG)
Astronautboys (BDG)
Recycle Experience (BDG)
Manuel H. aka CIKCUK (GER)
Amalia Kartika (BDG)
Brian H. (BDG)
Rajaya Yogaswara (BDG)
Radi Arwinda (BDG)
PinkVersusBlack (JKT)
Arian13 (JKT)
Darbotz (JKT)
Aram Kaleva' (JKT)
Muloyoung (JKT)
Om Leo // Narpati Awangga (JKT)
The Sompret' (JKT)
Farid Stevy Asta (YK)
Terra B. (YK)
Iwan Effendi (YK)
Wedhar Riyadi (YK)
Yudi Sulistya (YK)
Uji Hahan Handoko (YK)
Fredy Chandra (YK)
Hendra Hehe (YK)

for more info:


Lou Belle Shop

twitter @loubelleshop

Lou Belle Shop
jl.dr.setiabudhi #56 Bandung

Senin, 18 April 2011


In 1999, Santi Ariestyowanti and Dyatmiko Bawono were a young couple, freshly graduated from the design department of Indonesian Arts Institute in Yogyakarta. At the time, the most common path followed by Yogya design graduates was to move to Jakarta and find work in renowned graphics houses or advertising agencies. But Ariestyowanti and Bawono, who would later marry, insisted on staying in Yogyakarta, where they started their own independent design firm. It was a tough choice that often made them feel like they were undertaking guerilla fighting in the harsh competition within the design scene, and thus chose the name Indieguerillas – a portmanteau formed from the words independent, Indonesia, and guerillas.

Their distinctive design style gained popular appeal when they produced an album cover for local band Sheila on 7, who became a chart-topper, and when they handled the layout of indie magazine OUTMAGZ. These projects led them being invited by Cemeti Art House to participate in their collective exhibitions in 2002. From then on, they began to consciously explorethe art scene more deeply, without leaving their commercial design works behind.

Indieguerillas stands out among others for their consistent style of blending disciplines, often making crossovers between graphic design, media arts, painting and graphic arts. Even though they regularly use digital technologies in their works, they also maintain a special affection for exploring manual techniques with a strong consciousness.“In our works, there are times when we really want to have it done thoroughly manual or handmade, releasing ourselves from the undo-copypaste-delete habits, the instant mentality,”Ariestyowantiexplains. “It can be a liberating process to do things that way, being in touch directly with the object and materials. Photoshop helps us to do a lot of things, but we try to balance it by detaching ourselves from the computers many times.”

The great use of design elements in their handmade works is also part of their awareness of not being specifically trained in fine art disciplines, so they try to integrate and apply their graphic design approach into paintings and other works – also with touches of comics and cartoons.These experiments with disciplines and materials then also led their works to evolve conceptually, by offering plays of iconographies relating to the issues of cultural identity, roots and the globalised generation in Indonesia. This peakedwith the series Fools’lore: Folklore Reload (2008), their solo exhibition at Biasa Art Space, Bali. Here, icons of Javanese arts like wayang puppets blend with bikinis, Pop Art, Japanese Ukiyo-e, marionettes, European comics and many more – all presented in a cheerful yet ironic, adventurous yet contemplative spirit.

Ariestyowanti explains: “There is a strong urge in us to explore our roots, to return or revisit. Everyone here now has become more similar to others, no distinctive character. The same lifestyle, the same products, the same global brands. Who will care about our cultural roots if not ourselves? So we try to make fusions between our globalised self and where we come from. It is like making gateways, hybrid visuals that offer familiar elements on both sides.”

Fools’lore: Folklore Reload cemented Indieguerillas on the map as one of the most prominent emerging contemporary Indonesian art collectives. Following this success, they launched Happy Victim, a series of products, including garments and everyday items, based on similar concepts – the fusion between local and global. The product launch was accompanied by another solo show at Valentine Willie Fine Arts, Singapore, entitled Happy Victims. The phrase stands for their ironic notion of the new generation that often findsitself falling easily into the hands of the new commercial, global commodities. They know they are trapped, but they are happy. For Ariestyowantiand Bawono, it is also a way that they – happy victims themselves – can turn the joke into a reflection.

More recently, they have been traveling extensively. One of their most memorable international experiences was when they were invited by curator Victoria Lu to join the ANIMAMIX Biennial at MOCA Taipei (2009), which also showcased works of artists like Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara. Recently, they returned from a three-month residency at HEDEN, The Hague, with a project that explores relations between cultural history and culinary – entitled: Gastronaut: Eatventure LOOKING FOOD!, which hasn’t been exhibited in Indonesia yet. Now Ariestyowantiand Bawono say they are excited by their upcoming residencies and projects, and are looking forward to new experimentations of blending technologies and ‘old-school’ media. As the ‘happy victims’ of their works, we share their excitement. indieguerillas.com

words by Farah Wardani
source : SURFACE

Jumat, 01 April 2011


We've had the opportunity to bring you a preview snap of TV EYE from Indonesia-based artist indieguerillas.

Today we are jazzed to present to you folks a Exclusive First Look at the making-of snaps of the 12 inchi tall resin figure, produced by HAPPY+VICTIM! As well sweet info that there will be launch and exhibition @ Lou Belle Shop in bandung to look out for (dates & details still under wraps), and that there will be an custom show featuring TV EYE-customs from 25 indonesia artists! and maybe more again.


Jumat, 25 Maret 2011


Sneakpeak TV eye by indieguerillas.
coming soon at may

at lou Belle, Bandung, Indonesia

Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Exhibition opening Indieguerillas @ Heden.

Exhibition opening Indieguerillas @ Heden. Den Haag.

the Looking Food exhibition of the Indieguerillas began at Heden Hier in The Hague. The Indieguerillas are based at Yogyakarta, Indonesia and are here on invitation of Heden and Kosmopolis for a period of three months. In Asia they are booming! Their kitsch pop style paintings are now offered at international auctions. You can buy cool Indieguerillas stuff on Happyvictim.

The exhibition itself “Looking Food!” is about the visual side of food and food packaging. Food can taste even better when it’s presented to you in a cool shell. The last few months the Indieguerillas gave several workshops about attractive packaging, the results of these workshops were shown during the opening of the exhibition. I think the real eyecatchers of the evening were some awesome colorfull streetart figures that were obviously inspired by classical wayang dolls. It’s nice to see that young people are creating a new kind of fusion of traditonal and contemporary art.

During the opening it was all in the mix; Nasi kuning, Bintang beer, Rendang sandwiches, Indo rock by Tjendol Sunrise and some dancing. There was a good indo vibe. See for yourself…


HAPPY+VICTIM merchandise of indieguerillas now available at VOID, Orchard Central Lvl.6. Singapore.