Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Exhibition opening Indieguerillas @ Heden.

Exhibition opening Indieguerillas @ Heden. Den Haag.

the Looking Food exhibition of the Indieguerillas began at Heden Hier in The Hague. The Indieguerillas are based at Yogyakarta, Indonesia and are here on invitation of Heden and Kosmopolis for a period of three months. In Asia they are booming! Their kitsch pop style paintings are now offered at international auctions. You can buy cool Indieguerillas stuff on Happyvictim.

The exhibition itself “Looking Food!” is about the visual side of food and food packaging. Food can taste even better when it’s presented to you in a cool shell. The last few months the Indieguerillas gave several workshops about attractive packaging, the results of these workshops were shown during the opening of the exhibition. I think the real eyecatchers of the evening were some awesome colorfull streetart figures that were obviously inspired by classical wayang dolls. It’s nice to see that young people are creating a new kind of fusion of traditonal and contemporary art.

During the opening it was all in the mix; Nasi kuning, Bintang beer, Rendang sandwiches, Indo rock by Tjendol Sunrise and some dancing. There was a good indo vibe. See for yourself…

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