Rabu, 17 November 2010


EATVENTURES LOOKING for FOOD! a residency art project by indieguerillas

Food is one of very important part of our life, one of our basic needs. They are contributing a main factor to build
a certain lifestyle for us as a society. That's why, to learn and understand the culture of a society can be initiated
through cooking. Food is usually the main attraction for people to gather, interact, or as an ice-breaker.

One of the requirements of this residency project is to have some interaction between local community on the
neighborhood with the artists. we had an idea to "open" Javanese style eatery at hier heden. In this eatery we will try
to mingle and collaborate with the local community, in hope that we are going to have some interesting mutual
learning, brainstorming, and exchange our cultural experience under one particular binder : Food!

The type of the food were not only taken as something literally edible, but can be anything else such as artificial food, if the
meeting was held in cyberspace. The concept of gathering and interaction in the internet era today is certainly that we
do not have to always meet physically, there are many ways like having a conversation via Instant Messenger or
through some social networking sites like facebook and microblogging sites like twitter. Some times people gave each
other gifts and treats with sending pictures of food or beverages.

For this Art project, we will carry some Indonesian snacks, with artistic approach, as our main playground, including how to wrap
and serve them, Indonesian style. Could be some real food, or in the form of artificial ones.
For example we might be creating paper toys or plush toys that resembling the snacks.

We thought that the activities are fun, easy, and interesting for children, or maybe adults to join
with us. There's also a plan to make some mix & match snacks from Dutch and Indonesia,
maybe combining the way they look, or the way they served, their appearances. The goal is to
juxtapose the visual and maybe some other important aspects and see what happens, but also,
hopefully, to make visually interesting yet (may be) tasty fusion snacks.
The snacks, in our mind, are going to be more like the melting pot of the two cultures,
seasoned with the elements of kitsch pop. The elements that we love as an artist group.

In this project, we also create an imaginary character, his name is Mr. Gastronaut, representing someone that going fun to looking food.
He also have a Facebook account himself! Please add Gastro Naut as your friend.
Everybody can join with him to collect pictures of Indonesia and Dutch local foods, beverages, and snacks.
There is a love logo with text: EET SMAKELIJK and SELAMAT MAKAN.
You can download and montage the logo on the food pic, or you can print it and use as flag or sticker,
so you can put it near the food and take a pic for it!

The EATVENTURE is begin, and you are invited to JOIN!


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